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» 01 Introduction

Welcome to angels_rating, the stamping community for the manga/oav Angel Sanctuary. Please apply, vote, and read the rules :3

» 02 Rules

01 You may vote without being stamped.
02 Do not fix your application just so you get the character you want. That's a bit pointless.
03 For those voting, please bold your votes.
04 You must have at least 4 votes before being stamped.
05 Put your application behind a cut. If you do not know how to use a cut, please refer to the LJ FAQ.
06 Do not bash characters or other members. If you get a vote for a character you dislike, don't make a big deal about it. It's not that important.
07 You may request to be voted as either male or female by stating so in your application, however it is still up to the discretion of those casting votes.
08 Just so I know you've read the rules, put "July 1999" in your subject.
09 Cosplay pictures are okay, but I'd like if you had at least one normal picture to go with it.
10 If you are not happy with your stamp, you can apply again a month later.
11 Do not refer to anything spoilery. Ever. >:|

Depending on the situation, if you do not follow the rules, then I'll probably delete your application. And I'd rather not, so please just follow them. :D

» 03 Application

№1 Theme: Atziluth

» 04 Stamps




You may be stamped as any Angel Sanctuary character, even if you do not see a little badge for them. If you are stamped as a character without a little badge thing, then one will be made. You can check the entire list of stamps here.

List of Stamped Members | Atziluth Stamped List

» 05 Mod

mod/founder: yokokaru_chan
co-mod/stamp-maker: eneat
layout created by: scudelia

If you have any questions or anything, please contact yokokaru_chan at bh82791@aol.com, with "Angel Sanctuary stamping" in the subject title, so it is not deleted as spam or something.

» 06 Affiliates

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