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Atziluth theme

Don't know if the comm is active enough for this...If it's not permitted, mod, tell me ^^

Name: Sara
Who were you stamped as? Raphael
Give a [very] brief description of yourself. I'm bright and arrogant, but I'm also funny and witty. I have a strong self-steem but I never look down on my friends (I chose them, they must be awesomeXD). I'm very optimistic and open-minded, I'm interested in politics, society and like to argue about my opinions. I'm very artistically-inclined, and love all the arts and get easily sucked in and obssessed with a painting, a movie, a song or a book/manga. I'm not very logical and I'm not fond of science or numbers (for a living; I admire scientists and mathematician)
I'm not very sociable, but I can be pretty charming if I want to. I'm not the pleasing people type, though I certainly can be, and sometimes am. I'm enthusiastic and passionate but I'm also very lazy. I'm prudent and I love life a lot, so I never do dangerous things if I can avoid it. I'm very romantic, tending to idealize love and sex a bit too much; but I'm slow to trust, and I get specially insecure regarding my relations to the opposite sex, because I'm very inexperienced, and though I know I'm beautiful, I think they're mocking and/or have bad intentions.
I'm very very close to my family, and thus, perhaps, a bit childish, but I have a mature conversation and very good conversation skills ^^

Who is your favourite character and why? My top three favourites are Alexiel, Lucifer and Rosiel. Yeah, not too original
Alexiel is one of the toughest and strongest female characters I've ever seen in manga, and I love strong females. She's powerful, and wise, and very independent and capable, a protector and a fighter. She does things her way, cares about people, and goes through life enamouring men as she tries to do everything for her little brother. I can so feel identified with that. The fact that she's gorgeous also helps, she's totally my type of woman
Lucifer has always been my favourite mythical character in every religion ever. His story is so fascinating, from his magnificent beauty and glamour to his spectacular fall, all of his being reflects humanity like no other thing or being in Christianism does. Lucifer is an extrapolation of humanity's most brilliant and admirable traits: the will, the might, the possibility of choosing, the ambition, the not-following-the-rules just because, the challenging nature, the fighting for own's ideals, just about everything he represents makes him interesting, even endearing, to me. This particular representation is not an exception, but this time, he's more naive and needs more guidance (by Alexiel ^^) to fulfill his dreams and not his destiny. He's very contradictory, but that's a given with the angels in these series, and I love love LOVE his convoluted and touching relationship with Alex, up to and including to that last image together. The fact that he's probably the hottest manga character ever also helpsXD
Rosiel is tragedy on legs. He's such a classic Kaori Yuki character, I can't help but love everything about him, from his looks to his craziness, while cursing and getting frustrated at every turn of events, both caused by him and happening to him. He's a summary of what is a Kaori Yuki manga, and as a great fan of her work, I love every single minute of his over-the-top story, his creepiness, his sadness, his brilliant moments (and there are a lot; I'm pressed to say that the greatest Crowning Moment of Awesome of the series is when he defeats Saldalphon). His story with Katan couldn't be more heart-wrenching even if the author tried, but...as always with her, there's a beauty behind the hurt, behind the injustice, behind the sorrows, and behind the inevitable sad end

What is your ideal significant other like? Let's see...
Personality: Good sense of humour and the ability to make me laugh, highly intelligent, very open-minded, romantic and flamboyant. It'd be good if he had some mistery surrounding him and was a bit of a bad boy, but not too much. With a strong will and personality, outside charming but more private than people think. Caring and sweet without knowing it. Tough. Intellectual but capable of being sillyXD And optimistic. I'm not about to drag a mess around and "cure" anyone, I'm here to have fun and companionship
Looks. Stylish, elegant but capable of being casual and kinkyXD. Gorgeous, I'm very shallow about this, but I can't be with a guy if I'm strongly physically attracted to him. I like small delicate boys, with a little muscle, very white unblemished skin, no bodyhair, soft hair (I prefer curly to straight, but it's not a must. I prefer dark red, but any is good), huge light eyes (any blue, any green, violet/purple, grey, honey, caramel -just not brown or black) with long lashes, looks younger than he is, even a bit feminine. As he must be open-minded, he wouldn't be oposed to eye make-up or a threesome with another guy ♥ (bisexuality REALLY appreciated). Forward with touching, but not overly so, good dancer, sportif but not totally nuts over sports...

What traits do find most admirable? A high sense of humour; he must make me laugh. Then, loyalty and trust, companionship, similar interests, confidence, intelligence, beauty, artistic sensitivity, creativity, optimism, romantic-ness, a strong personality, easy-going, stylish, very open-minded and very forward with touching, because I'm usually shy about this

What “fatal” flaws are you attracted to? Arrogance. Cheekiness. A bit rough sexing up sometimes. Dressing up in black leather, silk, chains, skinet, you know, j-rocker clothesXD. Temper. Ambition.

Every couple has a story, what's yours? (Hypothetical) OMG, what a weird questionXD. We could meet at...at a disco or a comic/fantasy/manga conventionXD. We'd go walking and watch the sunset, and he'd kiss me, and we'd spend all night walking around, making out and holding hands. Come dawn we'd go home, have breakfast watching the sun come up and go to bed to sleep snugglingXD. Waking up, hot, slow, loving sex. We'd start going out and we'd get along greatly with each other's families. We'd work in different places on different things. We'd have kids, preferably twins, boy and girl, and name them something ridiculous and fan-ishXD They'd grow up nicely, and we'd be successful in our careers
I suppose, what everyone else wants, reallyXD

And what do you two do together? (Hypothetical) We'd have similar interests so conventions would re-appear, we'd go watch the same films, we'd read the same books (discovering new ones for the other), the sex would be equal parts kinky and sexy and rough sometimes, loving, slow and sweet others. We'd travel to many different places and eat ice-cream together, or dine in a very stylish restaurant. He'd have his circle of friends and I'd have mine, and we could go out with each other's but they'd remain his or mine

What views do you share? We must have social political and religious views that are similar to one another. Namely, left-wing ideals, atheism and progressism(atheism is not a must, but...I want no religious nutcase around me). He must be optimistic. He must appreciate art and culture. He must be a feminist. He must be very open-minded

Which do you disagree with? Probably little bits regarding those issues. Maybe some things about parenting. We'd both appreciate art but from very different angles and views, and discussion about art (any art, really) would be very interesting.

Which character would you want to be with and why? Probably Kira. Lucifer too, but I prefer Kira. He fits almost eveyrthing I said about my ideal partner, he's loyal and very in love, kinky and sweet, and intelligent, stylish, silly, tough, arrogant, caring and hot. He's brave and easy-going, ambitious, open-minded. He has everything on him ^^



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Apr. 7th, 2009 11:57 pm (UTC)
Can't vote at the moment but to address your concern, it's totally permitted and it looks like people are a bit more active. Fingers crossed we get yours stamped quickly!
Apr. 8th, 2009 06:18 pm (UTC)
Gonna roll with Michael.
Apr. 19th, 2009 04:29 pm (UTC)
I'm going to have to agree with you and say you should be with Kira. He seems to fit almost everything that you are looking for in your application!
Apr. 20th, 2009 07:58 am (UTC)
Kira, definitely...
Apr. 23rd, 2009 03:39 am (UTC)
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